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Ah, the Ritz Tray...these make serving appetizers a true plesir! We originally designed these trays to fit Ritz crackers in a neat row. We have found that in addition to crackers, the trays are an elegant way to serve cookies, nuts, cherry tomatoes...any nibbles you can think of.  So, next time when you have guests, why not offer up some cashew nuts on your new Ritz Tray? Or what about Oreos? Kids just can't get enough... Party mix? Olives? You choose.

14"L x 3.5" W

"I am always losing one earring, or losing track of my Chapstick, my tweezers, the dental floss.  Eureka, I have discovered that the simple answer to these life problems is....the Ritz Tray!  So, not only are these wonderfully skinny trays an elegant way to serve up yummy hors d'oeuvres, they make an amazing bureau tray..and therefore..these make an awesome man gift!"

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