Cocktail Tray in Jill's Key

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We love the cocktail tray and dip bowl set... they make an ideal serving pair together or individually. Use the set to serve your friends wontons with a chili dipping sauce... or just toss some yummy pistachios in one of your dip bowls... some crispy rice crackers in the other, and a variety of stinky cheeses on your tray... now your cooking with gas!

"I have spent an inordinate amount of time in the last 18 months obsessed with designing the perfect "JR" logo, and "Jill's Key" is the result. The inspiration came out of a discussion I had with a fellow designer about the late great David Hicks' ubiquitous "H" logo pattern. Oh, how i just love that pattern! It is so perfectly chic, simple, and seems to work equally well in so many color variations.

I felt that not only was it important for our brand that we come up with an iconic emblem, but I knew that my customers would respond positively to the look and intention."

14" L X 6" W

Shown with the Jill's Key Dip Bowls.


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