The Breaker's Splash Tapas Tray

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Our handmade gold swirl tapas tray is an easy way to bring a little glamour to any space. This tray makes an amazing luxury gift, its a practical tray that's made to be used, and our gold splash pattern is sure to brighten up anyone's home. We love this tray for serving up appetisers, mains and deserts, its also looks great on a coffee table or kitchen island when its not being used. This tray isn't something you'll ever want to put away! Each gold splash tapas tray is handmade in Jill's Boston studio. Jill's team of professional potteristas makes paints and then ships it straight to you! Like all of Jill's pieces, this one has a little extra gold, in the form of a fabulous gold rim. If you're not all about gold and silver’s more your thing, be sure to ask us about customizing!


7.5" W X 15"L

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