About Jill Rosenwald Studio

We design and hand make ceramic pottery in our Boston studio. It’s one of a kind, custom, giftware, serveware, tableware with a gilted 14k gold edge.
We also collaborate with talented people across the US to design and produce pattern filled rugs, fabric and other happy home decor.

The Pottery

Our pottery is all handmade in our downtown boston studio! Each piece is made to order, handcrafted on the pottery wheel then drawn and painted by our skilled artisans. We use a creamy white earthenware that provides a smooth white canvas for our colorful patterns. Each piece is finished with a coat of glossy clear glaze and a luxurious 14k gold rim

Product FAQ

The Studio

Boston has been our home for over 20 years. Our sunny studio is located in the Fort Point neighborhood and we’re thrilled to be surrounded by an amazing community of designers and makers. Stop by for a visit - see how the pots get made and browse the showroom Thursday 3:00 - 6:00 pm or by appointment.

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Meet Jill

Jill first sold her wares on the streets of NYC before hitting it big with her first ceramics line for Neiman Marcus.  Now her pottery and textile collections can be found in stores from coast to coast.  Named “the connector” by Boston Magazine, Jill has fostered a tight and shining community of designers in her hood.

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