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How to Customize Ceramics

All pottery is made to order - just for you - from start to finish in our Boston studio.
That means we can add bespoke details to make your piece personal, a treasured heirloom, and thoughtful gift.

No. 1

Write a Personalized Message

Our savvy potteristas can add a dash of charm to the bottom of your tray, bowl, etc. by adding your note.
TRY THIS: Give as a wedding present - we can write out the couple’s name and their special date.

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No. 2

Mix & Match your Palette

Choose your own colors. We have a huge wall of color chips - browse them here. Let us know what you fancy or ask us for advice!
TRY THIS: Redecorating a room? Try contrasting colors to make your piece pop!

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No. 3

Monogram: Add Your Stamp

Jill’s been monogramming for years! If you’re hoping for something not seen in our online collection, just send us an email.
TRY THIS: Treat your family to something special. A tray with your initial is a gift for all generations to follow!

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